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Loving our Samaritans

Jesus loves the people we hate. He also loves the people who hate us. As you probably can tell, I think that the neo-Marxist ideologies of the radical left are evil and cancerous. But I don’t feel that way at … Continue reading

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Playing in the park after dark

When people ask me if I believe we’re still under the Law, I’ve adopted Bill Vanderbush’s answer: “Of course! I’m under the Law of the Spirit of Life!“ I’m not trying to be clever, just making an important point. Something … Continue reading

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Leaving legalism for Christ

One thing I’ve found in over 40 years with Jesus is that legalistic people never think they are legalistic. I know I didn’t, and still don’t, even though I still detect some residual legalism in my own life from time … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Subversive Kingdom – Part Seven

I’ve said before that the whole of Scripture is about one thing—love. But God defines this agape love as other-centered and self-giving. It literally means “good will,” which is where we get the word “benevolence” (from the Latin bene volentem: to use our volition, or … Continue reading

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Grace, bad behavior, and other-centered love

Our growing up into Christ—going from glory to glory, if you will—is never a clear and straightforward path. It’s often full of uncertainties and dangerous twists and turns. But like any mountain climb to majestic heights, the result is worth the risk as long as you’re careful along the way. In … Continue reading

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Jesus interprets the Law through love

There’s one thing that’s certain. Jesus’ interpretation of Scripture was vastly different than the religious leaders of His day. And I would venture to guess, vastly different than how we might read it, too. As Derek Flood points out in his book, Disarming … Continue reading

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Jesus Jujutsu: a brilliant strategy for biblical self-discovery

One of the many things I love about Jesus’ teaching is how He does spiritual jujutsu on His religious antagonists by turning their use of the Law on its head. The purpose is to reveal something in their hearts rather than getting sucked into their ruse.  This … Continue reading

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The superiority of grace and truth over the Law

What was Jesus doing when He pardoned the woman caught in adultery (John 8:1-11)? After all, He said He wasn’t doing away with the Law, but the Law required a death sentence–no ifs, ands or buts. According to Lev.20:10, she “shall surely … Continue reading

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Embracing grace and letting go of legalism

Legalism is insidious and deceptive. Some of the most legalistic people I know swear up and down they’re not legalistic. After all, who would actually admit such a thing? Why do we have such a hard time embracing grace and … Continue reading

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Our ministry

As far as I can tell, our ministry in Christ is two-fold. It’s about identity and reconciliation.  And we cannot do the latter with the right heart without seeing the former. Both have everything to do with connection–a life embraced, … Continue reading

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