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Why you cannot follow Jesus and the Law

You cannot follow Jesus and follow the Law. You must choose the former and leave behind the latter. Now, I’m not talking about being lawless, but about where you draw your life from. If you want to live according the … Continue reading

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“Are we under the Law as Christians?” Yes, of course!

Whenever someone asks me if we, as followers of Christ, are still under the Law, I know what they’re asking. Most people who ask these kinds of questions are looking to push back when the message of God’s scandalous grace … Continue reading

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Embracing grace and being led by the Spirit

Living by grace and being led by the Spirit are synonymous. You cannot truly embrace one without the other. I stated in “Grace in the balance between the prodigal and elder brother response” that spiritual orphans don’t understand 100% pure, … Continue reading

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Embracing grace and letting go of legalism

Legalism is insidious and deceptive. Some of the most legalistic people I know swear up and down they’re not legalistic. After all, who would actually admit such a thing? Why do we have such a hard time embracing grace and … Continue reading

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Grace enables you to grow up into who you already are

Like many things in the Kingdom, our life in Christ is paradoxical. We’re already complete in Him, yet we’re growing up into Him (Eph.4:13, 15). Both are equally true. And grace transports us from where we are experientially to who … Continue reading

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