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Knowing versus Google-knowing

Do you know that or do you just “Google-know” it? “Google-know” is an interesting expression of late. How much does Google know about you? Click here to find out! Well, there may be lots of bits collected on me, but … Continue reading

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Facts, knowing, and mystery

How do we know something? Do we know it when we have all the facts? Or, is there a more significant knowing? For instance, I might have all the facts about lemonade, but that doesn’t mean I know what it’s … Continue reading

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Two Types of Knowing

“There are two types of knowing: intellectual and experiential. The first is an indirect form of knowing that entails conceptual models. The second is a form of direct, intuitive knowing by experiencing the truth of what is known. Only experiential … Continue reading

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How do we know truth?

If you read my last post, I left you down the proverbial rabbit hole on the problems with being taught what to think as opposed to how to think.  Today, we’ll begin working ourselves back out and into the light … Continue reading

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