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Qualifications for ministry

Our educational system may qualify us for a lot of things in this world but it cannot qualify us for ministry under the New Covenant. Only God can qualify us for this ministry, for it works through His empowering presence. … Continue reading

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How can we know God?

In The Naturalist’s Dilemma, I used a video of C.S. Lewis’s famous 1961 article, “Finding Shakespeare” to explain the problem we have with trying to find God in this world. In other words, how would Hamlet find Shakespeare since he … Continue reading

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To know God is to love others

I would like to continue where I left off last time on the subject of other-centered love. After talking about testing the spirits and false prophets in his first epistle, John gives us a litmus test for knowing whether or not someone actually knows God.

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The fear of the Lord: reverential shock and awe

What does the fear of the Lord look like through the lens of love? For His perfect love truly casts out all our orphan-hearted fear (1 John 4:18). I would call it reverential shock and awe. And it truly is the … Continue reading

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