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New technology, arrested doctrinal development, and the advancing Kingdom of God

Would you think that nineteenth century medical science was all there was to know about medicine? Perhaps we should attempt space travel with the Medieval understanding that the sun most certainly revolves around the earth? Would you like the medical knowledge and technology … Continue reading

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Thoughts on freedom

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom (2 Cor.3:17). It was for freedom that Christ has set us free (Gal.5:1). God seems to put a high value on freedom. What is freedom? What does it look like? Freedom … Continue reading

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What if you weren’t going to die tonight…

Imagine coming up to a suicide bomber and saying, “If you were to die tonight, do you know you would go to heaven?” He or she would most likely respond, “Yes, of course, why do you think I have these bombs strapped … Continue reading

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What if…

I have a continual dream…it’s a dream for myself, the local church I pastor, and for the body of Christ in general. Here are some random thoughts rolling around in my head right now… What if we actually decided to start believing God and everything … Continue reading

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