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How to keep a vibrant faith

How do we live a consistent vibrant faith? To be vibrant means to be full of energy and enthusiasm. The etymology for the word, enthusiasm, is instructive. It’s directly from Late Latin enthusiasmus, from Greek enthousiasmos, meaning: “divine inspiration”…from enthousiazein … Continue reading

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You and I were made for intimacy (Reprise)

This post was originally published in September 2013. Another good reminder for our fast from fear.  I hope you enjoy it but, most of all, that you feel your heavenly Father’s warm embrace. Recklessly abandoned to Love, Mel

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We have come to Mount Zion

Where is heaven? And when do we get there? The very first thing Jesus announced when He started His ministry was that the kingdom of God was now within reach of men (Mark 1:15). He said this because He brought … Continue reading

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He’s never giving up on you

I will be away from the blogospheric world for several days. My lover and best friend and I are going away to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary. Yay! After that, we will be heading out to a conference and will … Continue reading

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Nothing is impossible with You on my side!

I will end this week with a fun song from one of my favorite songwriters and worship leaders, Jonathan David Helser. It’s live and it’s wild! This is also a favorite worship song at our church. I love the theme. … Continue reading

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East and West | Jonathan David Helser

East went lookin’ for West And never found him Guilt went lookin’ for my past But only found love I heard about a sea where Sin sinks like stones There’s no floor There’s just mercy down below 

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Endless Ocean | Jonathan David Helser

I will be going out of town for a few days for a conference and won’t have a chance to write so I thought I would just continue with the “Oceans” theme before I go.  🙂 As you probably figured out … Continue reading

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Letting go

There’s nothing that restores the soul more than letting go. God’s will for us is to have a successful journey through life—fulfilling our purpose and calling, living a life of wholeness, uncorrupted, and full of Him!

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When we see Him we find out who we are

When the Father reveals Himself to you in a personal way, not only do you see Him for who He really is, you begin to see yourself as who you really are in Him. I’ve had many transforming encounters with the … Continue reading

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You and I were made for intimacy

Beloved, you and I were meant for intimacy…to live in the embrace of love and not fear, freedom and not control, affirmed and not rejected, for connection and not distance. We can stuff it, deny it, build walls around it, but we cannot escape our deepest longing … Continue reading

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