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Thoughts about intimacy

When we talk about God, we’re talking about relationship before anything else.  Before all creation, there was mutually shared love between the Father and the Son (John 17:24).  This is important because God is love, and for Him to be … Continue reading

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You and I were made for intimacy (Reprise)

This post was originally published in September 2013. Another good reminder for our fast from fear.  I hope you enjoy it but, most of all, that you feel your heavenly Father’s warm embrace. Recklessly abandoned to Love, Mel

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About this pearl of great price

I talked last time about treasure, about what you value most, what you won’t do without. And we looked at Jesus’ parable about the treasure in the field (Matt.13:44). If you haven’t read that post yet, I would suggest you … Continue reading

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Keeping short accounts with God?

One of the goals of my blog is to remove needless barriers between us and the Father’s love. And, ironically, one of those barriers is this idea that we have to keep short accounts with God. We’ve probably all heard … Continue reading

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Riding the BIG waves with Papa God

We were made for adventure. But, as believers, fear can keep us bound in a predictable life of limitations and insecurities. But Papa God’s love casts out our orphan fear and He takes us places and doing things we’ve only … Continue reading

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A safe place in Daddy’s embrace

Here’s another brilliant message from my wife, Maureen. This is an audio recording from our time of worship on Father’s Day Sunday. To put what she said in context, the clip starts with the end of “The More I Seek … Continue reading

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Deconstructing our non-relational god (part two)

 “Religion is what you do when you don’t know you’re included.” – C. Baxter Kruger For if we don’t know that God’s plan was to place us inside the Eternal Fellowship between the Father, Son and Spirit, we must invent something else. This … Continue reading

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Deconstructing our non-relational god (part one)

Have we made a god in our evangelical imaginations so immovable, so self-sufficient, so transcendent, so other…that He’s unapproachable and unknowable to us? Have we made Him so lofty that we’ve forgotten that we’re in Him?

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Just love them

Besides being beautiful, my wife, Maureen, is brilliant. She’s a great writer and I’ve been trying to coax her to write a few post here. Right now, she’s up to her neck in kindergarteners and grade schoolers in an after-school art … Continue reading

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Super Love

Powerful people walk in God’s Super Love. Weak people walk in selfish love. God’s Super Love travels faster than a speeding bullet…it’s more powerful than a locomotive…it’s able to leap over the tallest walls of fear and hurt… Super Love … Continue reading

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