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Dealing with our relational blind spots

One the biggest blind spots we humans seem to have is the ability to “do unto others as we would want done to us.” That’s what makes Jesus’ admonition so interesting. What we’ve called the golden rule, one of the … Continue reading

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Becoming human – part one

The goal of discipleship is to become like Christ, which means becoming authentically human. Many Christians seem to think that being spiritually mature means God wants to dissolve us into nothingness. This idea finds its origin in pagan religion, not Christianity. 

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Proving that God is good

The main goal of our transformation in Christ is proving, first to ourselves, then to the world around us, that God’s intent for everyone is very good. In fact, it’s perfect and exactly what everyone is looking for, though they … Continue reading

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Becoming a powerful “you”

What does it take to have sustainable and healthy relationships? With God? With others? Today marks the 33rd anniversary of my marriage to the love of my life, Maureen.

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This holy communion

What picture comes to mind when you think of communion? I know that several come to my mind, and most are proper uses of the word. But there is a particular holy communion that God is inviting you and I into that … Continue reading

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You and I were made for intimacy

Beloved, you and I were meant for intimacy…to live in the embrace of love and not fear, freedom and not control, affirmed and not rejected, for connection and not distance. We can stuff it, deny it, build walls around it, but we cannot escape our deepest longing … Continue reading

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