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God with us: Jesus, Christ, God, Son, Savior

I’m away for several days but wanted to share part of a post I wrote last January that pertains to my Christmas series, “God With Us.” You can read the original post in its entirety here. I will add a … Continue reading

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A question about the incarnation of Christ

I have a multiple-part Christmas question for your consideration today. It’s purely hypothetical and in context with what I’ve talked about here. What if Adam had never fallen? Would Christ still have come in the flesh? Why or why not? … Continue reading

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Quote: on the incarnation | Francois Du Toit

“In the incarnation God deleted every definition of distance; every possible excuse man could have to feel separated or even neglected by God was removed in one day, though one sacrifice, once and for all.” – From the “Mirror Bible: … Continue reading

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Why Christ must be God for us to be in Him

I shared this in one of my responses to another blogger in “Christ didn’t come to help us, He came to INCLUDE us” but I thought this deserves a separate look because it’s so important in our understanding of what … Continue reading

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