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Overcoming our grace hypocrisy

We rarely want grace to go both ways in our relationships. We love God’s unmerited favor…for us, but we hardly ever think to give the same unmerited favor to others…especially when they’ve hurt us. This is because we actually hate grace.  I talked about … Continue reading

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The truth about grace and truth

If Jesus was full of grace and truth why didn’t He show any grace-filled truth to the religious leaders of His day? He was always gracious and kind to the most despicable low-life sinners, even to those caught in sin, who should be stoned under … Continue reading

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Grace goes both ways

The biggest problem we have with grace is that it goes both ways. What I mean is, we love receiving grace; we’re just not that big on giving grace. Of course, we don’t always see it that way. We want … Continue reading

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