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The sheer brilliance of Jesus and His overcoming life

I agree with writers like Dallas Willard (Divine Conspiracy) who’ve said that Jesus’ teachings are the most brilliant in human history.  Especially what’s been dubbed the “Sermon On the Mount” (Matthew 5 – 7). This teaching goes beyond mere behavior modification or … Continue reading

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Josiah’s Fire

What would you think if you had a seven-year old autistic boy who’s unable to speak, has never been formally taught to read or write, suddenly start typing words on an iPad about God, faith, his frequent trips to heaven, and other remarkable thoughts, ranging from science … Continue reading

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You Came | Jonathan and Melissa Helser

Here’s yet another song by Jonathan & Melissa Helser that’s become one of my favorites! This one is titled, “You Came (Lazarus).” This is from their Beautiful Surrender Album. This is an “Easter” anthem for those awoken out of a religious slumber. God has freed … Continue reading

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You make all things new

If it’s broken, You can fix it And if it’s been torn down, You can rebuild it There’s nothing that’s lost now, Your love can find it You make all things new! Happy New Year and many blessing to you and yours in … Continue reading

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King of My Heart | Sarah McMillan

Beloved of God, who will be the king of your heart when trouble comes? When everything around you seems to be crashing in on you? When your circumstances look nothing like what you’ve been faithfully believing for? Will you still believe … Continue reading

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Doom and gloom ahead…or not

Someone recently sent me this word from Johnny Enlow that was published on the Elijah List (Jan. 13, 2016). I have to say, I couldn’t agree with it more! It resonates with what I’ve been seeing. In fact, that’s why I wrote my book, Sonshift.  Enlow’s word  really … Continue reading

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A hope that never disappoints

I have found over the years that we who put our hope in Christ actually do so for many different reasons, and some of those reasons, no matter how worthy they may be, can eventually lead to disappointment. We may even wind up getting … Continue reading

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