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Keys to developing eyes of faith

Experiencing heavenly places in Christ is the most fundamental function of being a Christian. This is our inheritance! This is what Christ died for, so that we could enjoy the same relationship with the Father He has had from eternity … Continue reading

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Christ is our gateway to heaven…now!

Jesus is the gateway to heaven. As He told Nathaniel, He’s the conduit between heaven and earth (John 1:51). But this doesn’t just mean that He saved us so we can go to heaven when we die. He’s also the … Continue reading

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You’re an eagle not a turkey!

One reason my wife and I love this time of the winter is because it’s when the bald eagles come out in force. It’s mating time for the young eagles and nesting time for all. There’s a city park in our town along … Continue reading

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Why Christ must be God for us to be in Him

I shared this in one of my responses to another blogger in “Christ didn’t come to help us, He came to INCLUDE us” but I thought this deserves a separate look because it’s so important in our understanding of what … Continue reading

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You were meant to fly | Jonathan David Helser

Beloved, you were meant to fly! You’re not an earthbound turkey; you’re a heavenly eagle. Stop believing lies and bad theology that tells you a different story. God designed you to soar into the heavenly realms with Him. You were meant to live from … Continue reading

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