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Sonshift Study – Chapter Nine

We’re now ready for chapter nine in our discussion on my book, Sonshift: Everything Changes in the Father’s Embrace. Today, we’ll be looking at “Heaven Shift.” I invite you to respond to some or all of these questions. Also, please give … Continue reading

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Josiah’s Fire

What would you think if you had a seven-year old autistic boy who’s unable to speak, has never been formally taught to read or write, suddenly start typing words on an iPad about God, faith, his frequent trips to heaven, and other remarkable thoughts, ranging from science … Continue reading

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Eternal life and heaven are about relationship

Eternal life is not about going somewhere, it’s about knowing Someone. It’s not about  living in a place; it’s about living in a Person. It’s about intimate connection and unending, deepening relationships with God and with each other…here, now…and ever onward.

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Actually, this world is my home

“This world is not my home.” We like to write and sing songs about it.  A hearty “amen!” is elicited whenever these sentiments are shared. We can’t wait to leave it all and be with Jesus. It’s seen like some rite of passage into … Continue reading

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God’s Heart For You

This is a letter that one of our pastors wrote recently. It got published in our local newspaper. It really captures the heart of our heavenly Father. Read and receive from Papa God and be blessed!  Mel God’s Heart for You … Continue reading

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