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We are the ones needing bending

A while back, I watched a five-year old boy drag his aunt back into our church building after the service because he felt he was supposed to pray for a lady with a cast on her leg. He went over … Continue reading

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“Patient died. Mother prayed. Patient came back to life.” (Pastor Jason Noble). That quote pretty much sums up the movie, Breakthrough, which opened over Easter weekend and is based on a true story. To be honest, I hadn’t even heard … Continue reading

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God so loved – Part two

If God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, why do we say He’s angry with sinners? And in what way did He save us? We’ll continue looking at what is probably the most famous verse … Continue reading

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Don’t be cheated – part one

There were two main enemies of the cross in the Paul’s first century world. The Judaizers, who insisted that the Law be mixed with grace. And the other, the mixture of Greek philosophy with divine revelation. Where Paul was dealing with the Judaizers in his letter to the … Continue reading

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Did God kill Jesus? Part one

This is the first of my “red pill” posts, looking at the question, “Did God kill Jesus?” The reason for my provocative question is because this is a central tenet of the popular atonement theory called Penal Substitutionary Atonement (PSA). … Continue reading

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Thoughts about “normal” Christianity

While we were in Los Angeles last week, I got a chance to tour the former parsonage of Aimee Semple McPherson, the founder of the denomination I belong to (Foursquare). As I was looking at some of the memorabilia of … Continue reading

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2,000 years of miracles, signs and wonders

Is the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement (made up of those who believe that miracles, signs and wonders are still for today) a recent phenomenon within the last 100 years? Dr. Eddie Hyatt doesn’t think so. To quote his book site, “2000 Years … Continue reading

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Saving Easter – part seven

Christ is risen! He has won our victory! He has taken the keys of hell and death from the enemy and has freed us from its prison. This is GOOD news! Hallelujah! This is also the final installment of my … Continue reading

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“The man who raises dead people”- remembering St. Patrick

While many will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with parades and green beer, relatively few know how this missionary bishop to the Emerald Isle worked supernatural signs and wonders as a matter of course. It’s been said that St. Patrick (c. … Continue reading

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Dealing with disappointment

Not dealing with disappointment will shipwreck your faith and disconnect you from an awareness of His presence and love more than anything else in your life. The key to a life well-lived with an unoffended and passionate heart before God … Continue reading

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