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Unstoppable love

God’s love is unstoppable, unshakable, unfathomable, and unfailing toward you. He’s relentlessly and tenaciously pursuing you, patiently and faithfully waiting for you to look His way…for just one sign of your reception of His affection. You can’t outrun, run over, or run away from … Continue reading

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The Father did NOT abandon Jesus

There was never a time when Jesus was separated from His Father. Does that surprise you? If you understand what you were taught about the atonement, it probably does, like it did me when I first saw this.

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When You walk into the room

Jesus changes everything. He is the answer to every longing heart haunted by a nagging angst deep in our soul that only He can satisfy. And this has nothing to do with our head, but with our heart. For everything … Continue reading

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Last month marked my first year blogging on WordPress. I started this blog because I had been pondering writing a book and needed a venue to process my thoughts about the transformation that took place in me from the deep … Continue reading

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Our problem with correction

I was reading Tami’s (Lessons by Heart) post “Meanwhile…” and it made me think about the nature of correction and discipline in the Church. And how we view correction in light of our freedom in Christ and unconditional love of … Continue reading

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Just love them

Besides being beautiful, my wife, Maureen, is brilliant. She’s a great writer and I’ve been trying to coax her to write a few post here. Right now, she’s up to her neck in kindergarteners and grade schoolers in an after-school art … Continue reading

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Super Love

Powerful people walk in God’s Super Love. Weak people walk in selfish love. God’s Super Love travels faster than a speeding bullet…it’s more powerful than a locomotive…it’s able to leap over the tallest walls of fear and hurt… Super Love … Continue reading

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Set free!

I can’t even express what I’m feeling right now. I just look at these beautiful children and weep for joy…and with sadness for what they’ve been through. All of these children were slaves not even three months ago. But because we’ve … Continue reading

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Our fascination with God means intimidation for the enemy

Beloved, hear the Father’s heart for you today. He meant for you to live His overcoming life in the Spirit. And this overcoming life is found in the heart of intimacy. In fact, intimacy with God is your most powerful weapon against the enemy of … Continue reading

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Dealing with our Jurassic Park notions about God

Was Jesus just the sacrificial goat tied to a stake so a tyrannosaurus-like God would be appeased? In other words, is our view of the atonement more like the goat scene from Jurassic Park rather than one of redemption and love? Sound absurd? It should. … Continue reading

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