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When self-love becomes other-centered

We all understand that self-love—where everything and everyone must orbit around one’s narcissistic milieu—is a bad character trait. But in knowing this we also risk confusing this self-centered love with the self-love that’s critically important to following Christ. This form … Continue reading

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You are not alone and you matter!

There are two innate human needs that reside deeply in every heart. They can be expressed in the form of the following two questions: “Am I alone?” and “Do I matter?” These unspoken questions haunt us in the quiet dark of night. … Continue reading

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So will I | Amanda Cook

Here’s the song , “So will I” (Hillsong United) sung by Amanda Cook at Bethel. What I love about this song is that it’s a heart response to the wonder all around us that declares the glory of God (see … Continue reading

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What is our Gospel message?

Is our gospel message “the good news that brings great joy?” Or, have we been preaching something else? It continually amazes me how differently people respond to us than they did Jesus. In light of this, maybe we should re-think … Continue reading

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Other-centered love is based in self-love

I brought up the paradox of individually being members of one another last time. Here’s another paradox that goes along with that: other-centered love is based in self-love. I was asked a question about this at our Men’s Bible group that I think makes for a good … Continue reading

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Mothers: God’s glory uniquely on display

This broken world definitely needs to see a God who comforts and nurtures and protects and loves. But what if all these things about God are seen uniquely through mothers? I think they are! There’s nothing like a mother’s love. … Continue reading

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Are anger and wrath attributes of God? Part two

We’ve been faithfully questioning our assumptions about the anger and wrath of God. Last time, I made the point that they should not be considered attributes because God does not eternally express these emotions within the Godhead. (If you have not read part one, … Continue reading

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