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The incarnation of Christ – Part Three

When we start our salvation message with Adam’s sin and the cross, we miss God’s eternal purpose for mankind–our adoption and communion with Him as sons and daughters. We looked at this in part two. But how can we humans … Continue reading

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No longer slaves

Did you ever have a “splinter in your mind” about something that you see but can’t quite explain with any satisfaction? To borrow some Morpheus (Matrix) language… What I know I can’t explain, but I feel it. I’ve felt it for a long time… I don’t know … Continue reading

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Did God save us from this earth or for it?

I want to talk about some popular evangelical mythology today by asking some thought-provoking questions. Did God create man so that he could escape this wicked world and “fly away” to an invisible heaven forever? Or did He have a … Continue reading

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