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God as Father means relationship

God is, first and foremost, about relationship. When we say that God is a Father, we’re talking about understanding the essence of God’s being in the context of relationship. And when we say “Father” it implies that He’s a family … Continue reading

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Everything you’re looking for is found in the Father’s love

I’ve been wanting my wife, Maureen, to write something brilliant for my blog (which all of her stuff is radical and brilliant), but she’s been busy with other projects, so I thought I would give you an example of what … Continue reading

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This thing called revelation

I would like to talk about the nature of revelation. I’ve spent the last several years wrestling for adequate language to describe this paradigm shift in my understanding of Christianity because of my various encounters with the Father, which is … Continue reading

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Dealing with the disconnect

In this final part of three posts, I want to deal with our disconnect. In other words, why doesn’t my experience reflect the reality of who I am and what’s available to me in Christ? If you haven’t read them, you … Continue reading

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What does real freedom look like?

In my last post we looked at where we find real freedom. The question here is, what does that freedom look like? Before we begin, you need to know that you are free, no matter what you may think about it–no matter what your … Continue reading

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Grace in the balance between the prodigal and elder brother response

How we see our life in Christ will very much determine how we respond to this fresh wind of grace we’re seeing in the body of Christ today. And I think Jesus’ parable in Luke 15:11-32 can help us here. First, it’s quite telling … Continue reading

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Our fascination with God means intimidation for the enemy

Beloved, hear the Father’s heart for you today. He meant for you to live His overcoming life in the Spirit. And this overcoming life is found in the heart of intimacy. In fact, intimacy with God is your most powerful weapon against the enemy of … Continue reading

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