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The Undones

We’ve heard a lot about the growing number of “nones” and “dones” in America, but what about the undones? Who are the “undones?” They are those whose hearts are captured by Love, caught up in the mystery and wonder and … Continue reading

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Immanuel, mystery, and the trajectory of glory

One thing we cannot afford to do is read the Bible as if Jesus never happened. This is especially true with the Old Testament. When we read the Bible indiscriminately, not interpreting it through the lens of Jesus Christ, we end up … Continue reading

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From glory to glory…this is our story

We were created for glory…His glory. And that happens when we participate in the divine nature (2 Pet.1:4), letting Him bring us from glory to glory. It is God’s doing. I would like to share a couple of songs today from our local … Continue reading

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Romance, heroism…and glory!

One of the many things my wife, Maureen, has helped me to understand is the value of love stories and romance. Over the last 37 years I’ve known her, I’ve seen dozens of “chick flicks.” I’ve also had advanced classical training in … Continue reading

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True humility leads to honor

The Kingdom of God works on honor. Honor is both the desire and the ability to recognize glory in others. Honoring people is humbling ourselves and seeing things through their eyes. True humility is agreeing with what God says about you, … Continue reading

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What’s revealed about Christ for you belongs to you

In my last post, I looked at how we progressively see our true selves in Christ from “glory to glory” (2 Cor.3:18). But there’s another aspect of this ever increasing glory And that’s the ever-increasing revelation of who Christ is for you. We … Continue reading

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