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Why was God so…different in the Old Testament?

What are we supposed to think about the God of the Old Testament who seemed to be very angry and violent, even condoning sinful behavior in His people at times, when we see something very different in Jesus? Does this … Continue reading

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Fathered by Love

Worship is meant to touch the deepest, most intimate place in our hearts as we touch the Father’s heart. Think about this. God’s Spirit is living inside of you–in the very deepest place of who you are–closer than your breath, … Continue reading

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Riding the BIG waves with Papa God

We were made for adventure. But, as believers, fear can keep us bound in a predictable life of limitations and insecurities. But Papa God’s love casts out our orphan fear and He takes us places and doing things we’ve only … Continue reading

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A safe place in Daddy’s embrace

Here’s another brilliant message from my wife, Maureen. This is an audio recording from our time of worship on Father’s Day Sunday. To put what she said in context, the clip starts with the end of “The More I Seek … Continue reading

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Quote: Derek Prince on John 14:6

“Charismatic and evangelical Christians love to quote the words of Jesus in John 14:6: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” Yet I believe that many of us have … Continue reading

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Why Christ must be God for us to be in Him

I shared this in one of my responses to another blogger in “Christ didn’t come to help us, He came to INCLUDE us” but I thought this deserves a separate look because it’s so important in our understanding of what … Continue reading

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When the Father’s love touches our orphan heart

When the Father touches our heart everything changes. We will never be the same. We will never look at people the same. We will never relate to God the same. We will never read the Bible the same. We will never … Continue reading

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The knowledge of the Father of glory

There is a knowledge that cannot be attained by study. It must be experienced, encountered. It must revealed by the Father of glory. And when we receive this knowledge, we are changed, transformed. This explains why Paul prayed the way he … Continue reading

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Healing the Orphan Heart | Leif Hetland

This is a classic video interview with Leif Hetland. He shares his testimony and describes what it means to live in our orphan version of Christianity.  One great quote from this interview… “Father God always wanted a family. But we have in America, close to a … Continue reading

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Floyd McClung Jr. – a father in the Father reformation

I want to bring your attention to Floyd McClung, Jr., a true spiritual father in the Father reformation taking place in the body of Christ today. His book, “The Father Heart of God” is a classic. Here is a video … Continue reading

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