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You don’t come as easy as some (Reprise)

I‘m travelling this week so I thought I would re-post something I wrote in October 2013. This is an appropriate beginning of our third week to our 40-day fast from fear as we head toward Easter. I hope you are edified and encouraged to … Continue reading

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Perfect Love is singing over us

Faith is rising, fear is fleeing…because now you know your heavenly Papa is smiling over you. He always has been…you just didn’t see it before. It was like a crazy dream that seemed too good to be true.  But unlike any other … Continue reading

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The true fast

As we continue our 40-day fast from fear for love, here’s a brief look at why we fast. Even under the Old Covenant, God was trying to tell us that fasting was not to afflict our souls or get brownie points with … Continue reading

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Fasting from fear

What if you decided to fast from fear for the next 40 days and only practiced love? Today is the first day of the Lenten season, which is traditionally a 40-day fast before Easter, usually devoted to some form of abstinence and penitence. But since we’re … Continue reading

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