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Abandoning our addiction to certainty

What if we abandoned our addiction to certainty for surrender and trust? For if we’re ever going to walk off our maps, we must let go of our need to have everything figured out. We’ll never go beyond what we … Continue reading

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Incarnation is about restoration

If we were to properly celebrate Christ’s saving work, we would start on Christmas day and end on Easter! For our salvation is not confined to Calvary, but begins with a birth in Bethlehem.

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The Law of Christ: other-centered love

When we take a deeper look at the Law, as Christ interpreted it, we find that it doesn’t lead us to works-righteousness; it inevitably leads us to other-centered love. This is a continuation of my thoughts in my previous post, and a post … Continue reading

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The Jesus Hermeneutic – Part Two

What is God really like? Do we just add everything together that we read that mentions God, from Genesis to Revelation, in order to create our theology? In part one, we saw the problem with this method because of apparent disparity between the God … Continue reading

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Why our truncated view of salvation leads to poor evangelism

Salvation is both a destination and a journey. It is both instantaneous and ongoing. Yet, many Christians only see it as the former. To be clear, we’re saved by grace through faith. You are saved the moment you believe. 

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Why movies like “God’s Not Dead 2” won’t reach the world

First, my disclaimer. This is not a review of the movie, God’s Not Dead 2. While I’ve seen God’s Not Dead, I haven’t seen the sequel (both movies by Pure Flix Entertainment.) Having said that, here’s my take on movies like GND2 in one sentence. I don’t think we … Continue reading

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Preaching Christ IN the Gentiles

I fully understand that it’s very hard for us to get our minds around the idea that all things are in Christ, and that sinners are not separated from God. It may even take us decades to fully deconstruct this … Continue reading

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Are sinners separated from God? Part four

If God cannot look at iniquity, and Jesus is the friend of sinnners, what does that do to the Trinity? We will look at this question, and two other objections I’ve raised in this series, to help us faithfully question the idea … Continue reading

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Are sinners separated from God? Part three

Where did our ideas of separation from God come from? We will look at the origins of this myth in this installment. Last time, we began looking at my seven objections to this idea of separation that I outlined in part … Continue reading

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Are sinners separated from God? Part one

Does sin separate us from God? Is there a big chasm between a holy God and sinners? You will most likely say, yes. I’ve said yes for about 30 years of my Christian life. But I would like to faithfully question that assumption today.

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