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Our confidence for intimacy with God

Unlike the covenant of Abraham and Moses, our confidence is not based on pedigree or performance, respectively (see my post, “How God fulfills His promise to Abraham” for explanation). Our confidence is based on placement. When Christ died, we died; … Continue reading

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Not what you know but WHO you know

Eternal life is not about a place, it’s about a Person. It’s not about what you know but Who you know. It’s not based on believing the right things, although believing them is important, it’s about experientially knowing God as … Continue reading

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Biblical Inspiration

When we look at the Bible text as inspired instead of what God says to us in the text as inspired, I believe we miss the whole thing. Aside from the language and cultural translation problems, as I’ve said many … Continue reading

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Ain’t No Grave!

As I was thinking about what I was going to share for the Easter morning service, I had the song, “Ain’t No Grave” on my mind. Then I get a call from my brother. He’d gone to the doctor for … Continue reading

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The door is open…are you?

Salvation is not about escaping something, it’s about finding Someone. It’s not about jumping through the hoops of religion, it’s about accepting an open invitation to something both strange and absolutely wonderful beyond our ability to imagine. Because of what … Continue reading

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Why Jesus? Part Four

Eternal life is not a legal transaction, it’s an invitation into a transformational relationship. The invite is for us to participate in Christ’s very own life. We must make the distinction here between the Christian “religion” (ritualistic observation) and actually … Continue reading

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God so loved – Part five

What is eternal life? When we read the words, we may think about our life going on forever. We might think about heaven. While all technically true, it still doesn’t begin to touch what eternal life actually is. We’re now ready to finish looking at John 3:16. … Continue reading

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Eternal life and heaven are about relationship

Eternal life is not about going somewhere, it’s about knowing Someone. It’s not about  living in a place; it’s about living in a Person. It’s about intimate connection and unending, deepening relationships with God and with each other…here, now…and ever onward.

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The incarnation of Christ – Part Five

Today is supposed to be the busiest shipping day of the year in the US. This is a pretty good picture of many devoted followers of Christ. They’re like UPS drivers, frantically rushing around delivering packages from someone they don’t know. Their life … Continue reading

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Jesus is the only way to what?

When Jesus said that He was the only way to the Father, was He being narrow-minded? Was it a, “It’s My way or the highway” kind of thing? I suppose you could take it that way but I don’t think … Continue reading

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