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Are things getting better or worse?

Or should I say, are things getting worse…or better? As we enter another new year I would like us to ponder our assumptions about the time we’re living in.

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Why I don’t focus on eschatology

Eschatology is the study of the end times. It’s a worthy study and we should all understand what the Bible says about it. But it’s also the source of more divisiveness and fear-based theology than just about any other subject. … Continue reading

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Why we should leave “Left Behind” behind

Okay, I’ve sat on this post for about a month now since the Nicolas Cage movie, “Left Behind” came out. Although it’s not my intent to offend, I know I do run that risk with some of you. You are … Continue reading

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This thing called hope

The thing about faith and hope is that they look in opposite directions. Faith looks backward, hope looks forward. Faith has its anchor in the past–Jesus’ finished work on the cross. We have forgiveness, healing, and freedom from our sin … Continue reading

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Did God save us from this earth or for it?

I want to talk about some popular evangelical mythology today by asking some thought-provoking questions. Did God create man so that he could escape this wicked world and “fly away” to an invisible heaven forever? Or did He have a … Continue reading

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Stunned by Kris Vallotton’s post…

Originally posted on Disrupting Culture:
On Saturday, March 22nd, Kris Vallotton posted on Facebook: “Wow- I love Kim [Clement]. I think he is an amazing prophet. I simply do not agree with the word he has supposedly shared about Putin.…

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Where is our home?

I would like to continue looking at what it means to be home. Which leads me to the question, where is our home? And are we “there” now? And, with all due respect to Billy Graham (he deserves a lot!), what should … Continue reading

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Actually, this world is my home

“This world is not my home.” We like to write and sing songs about it.  A hearty “amen!” is elicited whenever these sentiments are shared. We can’t wait to leave it all and be with Jesus. It’s seen like some rite of passage into … Continue reading

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