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We become “foolish Galatians” when…

Are you a New Covenant Christian or do you have some mixture of both the Old Covenant and the New? And how can we tell the difference? As Andrew Farley would say, we are suckers for religion. We like the predictable confinement of … Continue reading

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Thoughts on surrendering our will to God

What do you think of when you think of surrendering your will to God? What images run through your mind? I was talking about this in the comments of another post so I thought it would be good to put … Continue reading

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Dealing with our distortions of God

The greatest, long-standing challenge for God from Adam’s Fall in restoring us to Him is not sin. That was decisively dealt a final blow on the Cross of Calvary. No, His greatest challenge throughout all history from Adam until now has been our distorted view of Him. Because when … Continue reading

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