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The Fence

Trying to live by the Law, or any attempt to be sanctified by the Law, is like living by a fence. I wrote about this is in two other posts, “Why we really do need freedom from religion” and “Is … Continue reading

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Is it “hyper grace” or just God’s radical grace?

This post isn’t about either bashing or promoting Joseph Prince. I’ve heard very little of his teaching. But there seems to be a lot of people doing both. I keep hearing we should watch out for this “hyper grace” message. What are we actually afraid of? … Continue reading

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We become “foolish Galatians” when…

Are you a New Covenant Christian or do you have some mixture of both the Old Covenant and the New? And how can we tell the difference? As Andrew Farley would say, we are suckers for religion. We like the predictable confinement of … Continue reading

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