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Cheap grace…what???

Here’s a question…how can grace be cheap? In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a radical grace revolution going on in the body of Christ today, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see a backlash of accusations of “cheap grace” coming from the firmly entrenched. … Continue reading

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Thoughts about humility

“Oh, it’s not me, it’s all Jesus….I’m nothing…I’m just a worm in His sight… just a dirty old sinner saved by grace.” Does this self-effacing posture sound like humility to you? Do you embrace a “worthless worm” theology about who you are? After all, isn’t our … Continue reading

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What is Grace to you?

What is your definition of grace? Here are some thoughts on grace to ponder… “If grace is only unmerited favor, then Jesus never had any.” – Graham Cooke Yet, the grace of God was upon Jesus….Luke 2:40 Jesus was full of … Continue reading

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