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Letting Jesus study me

I’ve been doing devotional reading of the Bible for over 18 years now. What I mean is, I’ve been letting the God of the Word study me. For the 20-some years before that, I studied the Bible. I only bring … Continue reading

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Love song of the ages

We had good friends of ours, Adam and Crissy Humburg, share a message at our service last Sunday that was unique and powerful, to say the least! Crissy did a devotional reading of the entire book of the Song of … Continue reading

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Encountering the good news that brings great joy

We know that the word “gospel” means “Good news that brings great joy.” Paul concisely defines the gospel in 1 Cor.15:1-4, which is not only one of the oldest written texts in the New Testament, within a couple of decades of … Continue reading

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Letting the Bible study you – Part three

We will look at one more practical way to let the Bible study us. The goal is interaction with Jesus at a deep heart level using Scripture. As I said in part one, when our interaction with Scripture doesn’t lead us … Continue reading

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Letting the Bible study you – Part two

I introduced the concept of letting the Bible study you instead of just studying the Bible last time. If you haven’t done so already, I suggest you read part one before continuing here, for it lays an important foundation for what … Continue reading

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Letting the Bible study you – Part one

I realized I’ve talked a lot about letting the Bible study us instead of studying the Bible over the years, but I haven’t talked about how I do this. I will use this short series to do just that! Today’s post will lay … Continue reading

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