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What Kathy Griffin says about us as a society

I don’t usually talk about current events or things political, and I certainly don’t want to bring up what Kathy Griffin did just to pile on the condemnation already directed her way. I’m sure she realizes that this was a … Continue reading

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Loving your enemies

What does it mean to love our enemies? And how is that different than just making peace? I’ve  been discussing the difference between being a “Christian” and following Jesus with my local church family. Sad to say, there is a … Continue reading

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What is needed

I saw this video posted by two blogging friends of mine: Michael Stephens (A “Mike” for Christ), and Susan Irene Fox. This video is so good and so important for the time we’re living in that I had to spread … Continue reading

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Wisdom Through the Grace of God — Susan Irene Fox

Susan Irene Fox posted this video a few days ago. This is the kind of leadership message we need for our hurting nation right now. And please check out Susan’s blog, if you haven’t already done so. She writes some wonderful poetry and has great insights … Continue reading

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When we stop listening to their stories

As of this writing, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are both serious contenders for their respective political parties. Whether their popularity continues or not, what’s interesting to me is that you could not get a starker contrast in candidates.

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