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Christianity: The Founding Murder in Reverse

I talked about what René Girard calls the “scapegoat mechanism” that’s alive and well in human beings last time. This insidious desire is at the bottom of what poisons everything. This time I would like to look at what he … Continue reading

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Hallelujah for the Cross

I love what this song says to us. It’s not just what Jesus did for us, or what He did as us, but what He did to us. It means freedom from our tragic flaw and it means life everlasting. … Continue reading

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The Tragic Flaw

Whenever I tell an atheist or skeptic that God didn’t kill Jesus but we did, they get all riled up, usually saying things like,“I wasn’t there 2,000 years ago…don’t blame me!”  Of course, you weren’t there and, no, I’m not … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright on Christus Victor and Penal Substitution theories

If’ you’ve read my posts about the atonement you know that I ‘ve been rather hard on the popular Penal Substitution theory of atonement. While I believe large parts of it are harmful to our understanding of God as a Father and it misses … Continue reading

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Cross paradigm

Paradigms are funny things. We all have one, and it colors how we understand everything. How we interpret life…each other…God.  Because of paradigms, we often don’t see things that are right in front of us. Let’s talk about our cross paradigm.  How are … Continue reading

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What the Cross proves

What does the cross of Christ prove to us? The cross proves that God is love (1 John 4:8). The cross proves that this Love is for every human being who ever lived and who ever will live (John 3:16; Rom.5:8; 1 Tim.2:3-5; … Continue reading

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For the Cross | Brian & Jenn Johnson

On this Good Friday I am again dumbfounded by the outrageous love of God. Who would willingly leave His throne and do such a thing? Or this Father who would gladly bankrupt heaven, giving what was most precious to Him, so that He could be … Continue reading

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Three wonderful truths about the Atonement

Do we really understand the significance of the Atonement of Christ? Do we understand all the benefits of this great salvation? There are three wonderful truths about the atoning work of Jesus Christ that I want to briefly look at here.

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