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The Power of His Love

We, as human beings, thrive in an environment of love and positive connection. The absence of it can lead to all kinds of emotional, relational, and even physical damage. Psychologists tell us from the time we’re born we look to … Continue reading

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What is “us vs. them” anyway?

If every person on the earth is, in some fashion, connected together in Christ, how would that change how we see each other? How we treat one one? Love one another? Maureen and I recently sent in a DNA kit … Continue reading

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Life is about connection

I was reading a great post this morning by Darrell Creswell, “Jesus and Grandpa Knew – It’s a Small World After All.” He was talking about the lasting impact his grandpa had made, even though he hadn’t travelled much outside the county of his birth. And also how Jesus … Continue reading

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