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The Fellowship of God

You and I have been invited into the Great Fellowship of God! It’s the same fellowship of love the Father and the Son have enjoyed from before the foundation of the cosmos (John 17:24-26).  Today is Pentecost, which is when … Continue reading

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Communion brings revelation

Many things that God wants to reveal to us only happen after we’ve opened our hearts and have Him “sup” with us. But I’m not talking about eating food. Last time, I talked about how our life in Christ must … Continue reading

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Cultivating a Communion Lifestyle

“For some reason, religious people tend to confuse the means with the actual goal. In the beginning, you tend to think that God really cares about your exact posture, the exact day of the week for public prayer, the authorship … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ: Savior of the world – Part Five

When a child is afraid of his or her own father it’s an indication of serious abuse. Sadly, the “fear of the Lord” looks more like “afraid of God” for many Jesus-loving Christians. This is part five of my Easter series, “Jesus Christ: Savior of the World.” We’ve … Continue reading

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Finding our life in prayer

I’ve been reading some books by Sadhu Sundar Singh, an Indian Christian missionary. If you haven’t heard of him before, Singh was born into a Sikh family in the village of Rampur Kataania, Ludhiana (Punjab state) in northern India.  According to … Continue reading

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Working from rest (part two)

Last time, I laid the foundation for why we should work from rest, which is simply abiding in Christ when you’re busy doing other things. It might be a good idea to read part one first if you haven’t already … Continue reading

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