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Why there never can be an online Church

While there are a lot of helpful things we can do online as members of Jesus’ Church, it can never be the local church. I personally love writing and blogging, but make no mistake about it, nothing can replace actual … Continue reading

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Whenever you come together…

What does the Bible say about how a church meeting should go? Not much. Seems like God doesn’t really care that much what particular things we do, other than when we gather together, to do it with the purpose of … Continue reading

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Keep it simple…

Here’s a Robby Dawkins quote from one of my favorite documentary movies, “Furious Love.” He talks about a vision he had that changed his whole view of how he does “church” and what’s important. Here’s a portion of what he says.

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Non-pleasure-seeking Christians are delusional

All human beings must seek pleasure. In fact, God designed us for it. Our problem is not pleasure-seeking. It’s that we have settled for inferior counterfeits. But make no mistake about it, we will all find pleasure somewhere. We seemed to have bought into an absurd … Continue reading

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