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N.T. Wright on Christus Victor and Penal Substitution theories

If’ you’ve read my posts about the atonement you know that I ‘ve been rather hard on the popular Penal Substitution theory of atonement. While I believe large parts of it are harmful to our understanding of God as a Father and it misses … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ: Savior of the world – Part Seven

How we view what Christ accomplished on the cross effects how we see our relationship with God and our mission on the earth. This is the seventh and final part of my Easter series, “Jesus Christ: Savior of the World.” In this series I’ve been attempting … Continue reading

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Saving Easter – part seven

Christ is risen! He has won our victory! He has taken the keys of hell and death from the enemy and has freed us from its prison. This is GOOD news! Hallelujah! This is also the final installment of my … Continue reading

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Healing the Gospel | Derek Flood

Before I leave the subject of the atonement and how our evangelical view leaves us with a conflicted view of the Godhead, I would like to recommend a book by Derek Flood titled, “Healing the Gospel: A Radical Vision for … Continue reading

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The Gospel according to the chairs

This post is an addendum to my last post about the difference between our evangelical Penal Substitution view and the more ancient Christus Victor view of the atonement of Christ. For proper context, please read that post first if you … Continue reading

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Jesus did NOT come to save us FROM God

God is not conflicted. He is Love–Father, Son and Spirit. One of the goals of this blog is to dispel this notion that God the Father is somehow different than Jesus, including in His nature or in His intentions toward … Continue reading

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