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The resurrection of Jesus Christ – Part One

Skeptics will ask me, “Even if God exists, why your god, and why Christianity?” My short answer is the resurrection.  As Dr. Gary Habermas has stated, “If the resurrection is true, then Christianity follows.” And as Paul told the pagan … Continue reading

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Logos: the structuring Reality of everything

The Bible text is not the Word of God; Jesus Christ is the Word of God. I’m not being provocative here to demote the Bible in your mind; I’m saying this to hopefully elevate your view of Jesus Christ over the Bible text … Continue reading

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The truth is in Jesus

What do the New Testament writers mean when they say that “the truth is in Jesus”? (Eph. 4:21; cf. John 14:6). What truth are they talking about? I typically get a destination-based answer whenever I ask many Christians….Jesus is the truth … Continue reading

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More on the Jesus Hermeneutic

If I simply let the Bible text be my hermeneutical guide for understanding Scripture, I can come up with a view of God that’s conflicted, schizophrenic, and two-faced: an angry, retributive, genocidal, legalistic God of the Law on the one side, and the gracious, … Continue reading

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The Jesus Hermeneutic – Part Two

What is God really like? Do we just add everything together that we read that mentions God, from Genesis to Revelation, in order to create our theology? In part one, we saw the problem with this method because of apparent disparity between the God … Continue reading

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The Jesus Hermeneutic – Part One

Since the beginning of the church there’s been honest debate, misunderstandings, and various dogmas forged about how we should understand the God of the Bible. In this two-part post, I want to talk about why I believe the “Jesus Hermeneutic” is necessary in … Continue reading

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Deconstructing our Christian mythology

Whenever I get into a thoughtful discussion with one of my agnostic friends (or honest inquirers) about how they see God, they usually respond with some picture of a stern-faced deity up in heaven, lightning bolts in hand, ready to punish all who anger Him.

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