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Why was God so…different in the Old Testament?

What are we supposed to think about the God of the Old Testament who seemed to be very angry and violent, even condoning sinful behavior in His people at times, when we see something very different in Jesus? Does this … Continue reading

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Christmas is about love

Here is a short presentation from an eight-year old girl from our Children’s Christmas program last Sunday. My wife wrote the script but she read it with such depth of feeling you will be blessed. Click on the audio below and hear from … Continue reading

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A Christian Halloween horror story

Here’s a horror story for you. It could be that Halloween is the most venerated holiday in Christianity. How so? It’s apparent to me that it’s a very compatible holiday to how many see themselves and live out their lives as “Christians.” Let me briefly make my case here…

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What if you weren’t going to die tonight…

Imagine coming up to a suicide bomber and saying, “If you were to die tonight, do you know you would go to heaven?” He or she would most likely respond, “Yes, of course, why do you think I have these bombs strapped … Continue reading

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Becoming a powerful “you”

What does it take to have sustainable and healthy relationships? With God? With others? Today marks the 33rd anniversary of my marriage to the love of my life, Maureen.

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When does “Bible believing” become idolatry?

I tend to cringe whenever I hear people identify themselves as “Bible believing” Christians…or  that they go to a “Bible believing church.” I want to ask, just what exactly does that mean to you? Now, before you start picking up stones, let me … Continue reading

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Quote: Our union with God in Christ – C. Baxter Kruger

“The Christian God is interested in relationship with us. Not just relationship, but union. And not just union, but such a union that everything He is and has, all glory and fullness, all joy and beauty and unbridled life is … Continue reading

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Quote: Embracing Grace

“What conclusion do you come to as a result of believing those guilty feelings that plague you? Don’t they tell you it is too late and that all is lost? Or that God gave you a chance to be different, … Continue reading

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“I have always believed in God with all my heart…and vampires and werewolves too”

This, I found out, was the confused “Twilight Gospel” of a 15-something girl who came to our youth group this week. We will call her Sally (not her real name of course.) Young people like Sally and her friends probably go to your church too. They love … Continue reading

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Are you an “average” Christian or a “normal” Christian?

“Jesus and the book of Acts are the standard for normal Christianity…when Christians tell me that they want to live like Jesus, I like to ask if they have multiplied food, healed the sick, walked on water, raised the dead, … Continue reading

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