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The point is…do you know Love?

Whenever I get into a conversation with Christians who are skeptical about healing, or signs and wonders, I often get Matthew 7:21-23 quoted to me. It starts out with, “Well, you know, brother…Many will say, Lord, Lord…” as if this is what … Continue reading

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No longer slaves

Did you ever have a “splinter in your mind” about something that you see but can’t quite explain with any satisfaction? To borrow some Morpheus (Matrix) language… What I know I can’t explain, but I feel it. I’ve felt it for a long time… I don’t know … Continue reading

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Keep it simple…

Here’s a Robby Dawkins quote from one of my favorite documentary movies, “Furious Love.” He talks about a vision he had that changed his whole view of how he does “church” and what’s important. Here’s a portion of what he says.

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