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What you should know about ‘O Holy Night’

‘O Holy Night’ has always been my favorite Christmas carol. It moves me every time I hear it. I saw the following video on wzippler’s blog (Smart Christian.net). The story was so inspiring I needed to share it here. Pastor … Continue reading

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Why we need to (properly) understand Christian history

I saw this video (below) posted by Wanda at SmartChristian.net that briefly describes the positive influence Christianity has had on the world. I believe that having a good understanding of history is important, so I thought it would be good … Continue reading

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How Christendom gave us Secularism

In my last post, it was suggested that I was taking common human experiences, like love, beauty, art, and awe, and assigning them to God. It’s assumed in the accusation that there’s some inviolable separation between them. Interestingly, we owe … Continue reading

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How Constantine changed Christianity

I would like to continue where I left off with my last post about how Jesus’ subversive teachings challenge our “normal.” This time, I would like to look at where some of this disconnect comes from. To help with this effort, I’ve included … Continue reading

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Finding God | C.S. Lewis

In 1961, when Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev, defiantly declared that his cosmonaut returned from outer space and had not found God, a New York magazine had asked C.S. Lewis to respond. His rebuttal on the absurdity of trying to find … Continue reading

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