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Deconstructing our non-relational god (part two)

 “Religion is what you do when you don’t know you’re included.” – C. Baxter Kruger For if we don’t know that God’s plan was to place us inside the Eternal Fellowship between the Father, Son and Spirit, we must invent something else. This … Continue reading

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Deconstructing our non-relational god (part one)

Have we made a god in our evangelical imaginations so immovable, so self-sufficient, so transcendent, so other…that He’s unapproachable and unknowable to us? Have we made Him so lofty that we’ve forgotten that we’re in Him?

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Why Christ must be God for us to be in Him

I shared this in one of my responses to another blogger in “Christ didn’t come to help us, He came to INCLUDE us” but I thought this deserves a separate look because it’s so important in our understanding of what … Continue reading

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Dealing with our Jurassic Park notions about God

Was Jesus just the sacrificial goat tied to a stake so a tyrannosaurus-like God would be appeased? In other words, is our view of the atonement more like the goat scene from Jurassic Park rather than one of redemption and love? Sound absurd? It should. … Continue reading

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Looking ahead…transition, molting and reformation

“The difference between searching for forgiveness and the quest for life in all its fullness is the difference between 1500 AD and 2000 AD.” –C. Baxter Kruger (“The Great Dance“) I want to give a brief overview of what I’m seeing for our … Continue reading

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Thoughts about the new thing

This last day of the year represents everything about entering into the life of God in Jesus Christ. For God is the inventor of the new. He is ever about new beginnings and new creation. The end of something for … Continue reading

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Christ didn’t come to help us, He came to INCLUDE us

I’ve observed an interesting thing over the years in the body of Christ. We seem to know who Christ is, but we don’t seem to grasp the reality of what we’ve become in Him. And this is critical because our destiny is … Continue reading

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Everlasting life is living in God’s life

Something very tragic happened inside our evangelical minds somewhere long ago.  And that’s the idea that eternal life means going to heaven when you die. It’s tragic because it misses the whole point of why God redeemed us in the first place. And, yes, … Continue reading

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Taking a fresh look at holiness

What picture or impression comes to mind when you think of the word, “holiness?” What is holiness to you? In the Bible, it means “sanctified” or set apart…Well, sanctified or set apart for what? And what does that look like? What should … Continue reading

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Dealing with our distortions of God

The greatest, long-standing challenge for God from Adam’s Fall in restoring us to Him is not sin. That was decisively dealt a final blow on the Cross of Calvary. No, His greatest challenge throughout all history from Adam until now has been our distorted view of Him. Because when … Continue reading

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