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The Jesus Generation!

I’m often surprised whenever I read genealogies in the Bible. I used to skip through them, but not anymore. God has spoken to me profoundly many times through these dry lists of names. Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus is one example. … Continue reading

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But why does she sleep?

Keith Green wrote a song, “Asleep in the Light” (inspired by Leonard Ravenhill’s preaching) about how “the world is sleeping in the dark, but the church just can’t fight because it’s asleep in the light.” This kind of “cattle prod” preaching is somewhat … Continue reading

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You were meant to fly | Jonathan David Helser

Beloved, you were meant to fly! You’re not an earthbound turkey; you’re a heavenly eagle. Stop believing lies and bad theology that tells you a different story. God designed you to soar into the heavenly realms with Him. You were meant to live from … Continue reading

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