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Why we should always be thankful

Since it’s Thanksgiving holiday this week (in the US), here’s a good message (video clip below) by Bill Johnson about the virtue of thankfulness. I want share some things from that clip and add my own thoughts about why we … Continue reading

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Dealing with disappointment

Not dealing with disappointment will shipwreck your faith and disconnect you from an awareness of His presence and love more than anything else in your life. The key to a life well-lived with an unoffended and passionate heart before God … Continue reading

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See the “Sons of God” movie

I would like to make you aware of a new movie documentary by Dutch filmmaker, Immanuel Hazeleger (Dutchquest). I highly recommend you watch it, share with others and support the ministry if you can. If you were encouraged by Darren … Continue reading

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Bill Johnson | Quotes

Bill Johnson is probably one of the most quotable Charismatic leaders in the church today. And what’s good about quotable statements is that they have the capacity to encapsulate a truth that is memorable to us. He’s also been one … Continue reading

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The problem with keeping God in our intellectual box

When we come to Christ we become supernatural beings. Our natural was placed inside Christ’s supernatural. In fact, according to Paul, acting like a “mere human” is worldly behavior (1 Cor.3:3). We’re primarily a spirit being that lives in a body. The Bible refers to … Continue reading

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Seven major concerns about Bethel Church…

Originally posted on Disrupting Culture:
Hi Jonathan, I understand that you probably are bombarded with email daily, so I understand if you do not or cannot respond, but upon receiving this information you were the first person that came to…

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Which side of the Cross are you living on?

You can tell when Christians are living on the wrong side of the Cross by their language. “God, will You forgive me?” “I’m just a sinner saved by grace…” “My heart is deceitfully wicked…” “After all, I’m only human” “God is angry with me” “I have … Continue reading

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