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Why read the Bible?

I sometimes get asked by skeptics and the indifferent some variation of the following: “Why should I read the Bible?” After all, isn’t it just a bunch of stories about superstitious people who lived thousands of years ago? Don’t we … Continue reading

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Karl Barth and the nature of revelation

A problem I see with theology is there’s that which is made up of divine revelation given to us by God, and then there’s the stuff we’ve just made up. What I mean is, we’ve added human speculation and reasoning … Continue reading

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Why we can trust the New Testament

As Dr. Daniel B. Wallace says, one thing we need to do when talking about the historicity of the New Testament is avoid two extremes: radical skepticism on the one end and absolute certainty on the other. This is a … Continue reading

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The nature of biblical inspiration

What does it mean when we say that the Bible is inspired by God? And a question we don’t often ask is, in which way is it inspired? The “inspiration” for this post comes from lengthy discussions I’ve been having … Continue reading

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2017 Bible Literacy Roundup

I was asked to respond to two questions about Bible literacy, along with Ed Delph, Daniel Lim, and Mark Hendrickson, on David McDermott’s blog, Your Fortress.  It’s quite an honor and privilege to be part of such a group and be asked to … Continue reading

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The Word of God and the God of the Word

John Crowder had Steve McVey on his “Jesus Trip” video podcast recently, and had what I thought was a very balanced discussion on the inspiration of Scripture. I’ve included the video here. Having dug deeply into these things myself, I … Continue reading

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How to know if revelation is from God

Last time, I talked about the nature of revelation. I will continue here on how to know if our revelation is from God. But before I begin, understand that the idea of people being led and managed by the Holy … Continue reading

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