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Girard and the trajectory of Scriptural revelation

Something I’ve said for a long time now is that you cannot properly understand the Bible without Jesus interpreting it for you. Yet, many Christians read the Bible indiscriminately, as if Jesus never happened. Historically, and even to this day, … Continue reading

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How I understand the Old Testament

Much of this is a review of what I’ve written on the subject but will serve as an appropriate ending to this brief series, “Making Sense of the Old Testament,” by summarizing how I read the text. We’ll already seen … Continue reading

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Making sense of the Old Testament – Part One

If we’re going to have a meaningful discussion about the Old Testament we must first go over how to understand it. For instance, superficially reading it as a flat woodenly literal textbook will give us a wrong view of what … Continue reading

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Jesus exegetes God

Whatever is like Jesus is like God; whatever is not like Jesus is not like God. I’ve said this many times in order to clarify that only Jesus Christ tells us what God is like. And just as important, Jesus interprets … Continue reading

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Immanuel, mystery, and the trajectory of glory

One thing we cannot afford to do is read the Bible as if Jesus never happened. This is especially true with the Old Testament. When we read the Bible indiscriminately, not interpreting it through the lens of Jesus Christ, we end up … Continue reading

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Testing, testing… (answer key)

Okay, we discovered last time that what’s wrong with our picture is that the king of spades is red and the ace of hearts is black. Why do these things work on us? To quote the site where I got this picture…

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More on the Jesus Hermeneutic

If I simply let the Bible text be my hermeneutical guide for understanding Scripture, I can come up with a view of God that’s conflicted, schizophrenic, and two-faced: an angry, retributive, genocidal, legalistic God of the Law on the one side, and the gracious, … Continue reading

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Did God kill Jesus? Introduction

Did God the Father have to kill His beloved Son, Jesus, in order to forgive us? Before I can talk about this subject, I’m going to have to play the part of Morpheus. You’re going to need to make a decision.

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