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Why our truncated view of salvation leads to poor evangelism

Salvation is both a destination and a journey. It is both instantaneous and ongoing. Yet, many Christians only see it as the former. To be clear, we’re saved by grace through faith. You are saved the moment you believe. 

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Here’s my heart Lord

I will end this week with a David Crowder song. One of our pastors played it during his message a few weeks ago and I thought it appropriate for a devotional to my series on becoming human. Being fully human means that our heart … Continue reading

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Becoming human – part two

Becoming authentically human begins by letting Jesus heal us from the inside-out, redefining all of the wounds that make us build walls around our heart. If you haven’t read part one, I suggest you do so before continuing here. I’ve already laid the theological foundation, so

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Becoming human – part one

The goal of discipleship is to become like Christ, which means becoming authentically human. Many Christians seem to think that being spiritually mature means God wants to dissolve us into nothingness. This idea finds its origin in pagan religion, not Christianity. 

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