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The (real) antidote to deception

I’ve said many times now, one of the reasons we need to train our souls for rest is because if we don’t, we end up running on the hamster wheel of trying to attain things we’ve already been given as … Continue reading

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When self-love becomes other-centered

We all understand that self-love—where everything and everyone must orbit around one’s narcissistic milieu—is a bad character trait. But in knowing this we also risk confusing this self-centered love with the self-love that’s critically important to following Christ. This form … Continue reading

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Ignatius of Antioch: first century grace preacher

Some seem to think that the current controversy over the teaching of grace is new. Actually, it’s the oldest in Christianity. Starting with Paul’s chastisement of the foolish Galatians for accepting “another gospel,” a poisonous mixture of law and grace (Gal.1:6-9; 3:1-5), church … Continue reading

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Obeying Jesus’ commandments

Just how do we obey Jesus? And, for that matter, how do we actually do what Jesus did? (W.W.J.A.D.) Secondly, what is the outcome of this obedience? I ask this because when you understand what I have to say, it will unlock … Continue reading

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