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Religion, politics, and scapegoating (part one)

It’s interesting that religion and politics are two taboo subjects in polite conversation. Why is that? What should we be afraid of? Actually, plenty! Jesus warned His disciples of two spiritual strongholds that would war against His kingdom—religion and politics.

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Don’t be cheated – part two

While Christianity has a philosophy, or worldview, it’s not about a philosophy. It’s not about intellectual principles or following rules of nature but about “partaking in the divine nature” (2 Pet.1:4). It’s in this participation where real transformation takes place.

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Don’t be cheated – part one

There were two main enemies of the cross in the Paul’s first century world. The Judaizers, who insisted that the Law be mixed with grace. And the other, the mixture of Greek philosophy with divine revelation. Where Paul was dealing with the Judaizers in his letter to the … Continue reading

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Christ has received us into HIS life!

“The Gospel is not the news that we can receive Jesus Christ into our lives; the Gospel is the news that Jesus Christ has received us into His life!” (C. Baxter Kruger) Understanding this statement profoundly changes everything…our whole perspective and the very nature … Continue reading

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Are sinners separated from God? Part three

Where did our ideas of separation from God come from? We will look at the origins of this myth in this installment. Last time, we began looking at my seven objections to this idea of separation that I outlined in part … Continue reading

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Are Sinners separated from God? Part two

Does God have an “outside?” This is what we’ll look at on this installment of my series based on the question, “Are sinners separated from God?” If you haven’t read my summary in part one, I suggest you do so before continuing on.

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The hermeneutics of love – part two

We started looking at how to know if we’re interpreting Scripture rightly in part one. What hermeneutical method do we use since there are so many different interpretations among “Bible believing” Christians? Christian Smith calls this the problem of “persuasive … Continue reading

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Missing the mark

In modern Christianity, we tend to look at sin as a violation—breaking a list of God’s rules that requires punishment. While this view is not necessarily wrong, especially under the Law, it still “misses the mark,” if you will, because it prevents us … Continue reading

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Thoughts about fear and love

I was watching a video by Bruce Wauchope after Lance Floyd had mentioned him in one of his inspired blog posts titled, “Religious Inspired Amygdala.” What both Bruce and Lance had said got me to thinking about how religion is inspired from … Continue reading

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What is humanistic Christianity?

I realized when I posted my last article on faith that I use the term “humanistic” a lot in describing the kind of Christianity we’re coming out from under, and that it would probably be a good idea to take … Continue reading

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