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Come awake…let it happen

We are living in a time when Jesus is awakening His bride to who He really is and who she really is in Him (John 14:20). We’re finally starting to see ourselves rightly in Christ, in union with Him, and because we’re seeing ourselves rightly, … Continue reading

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Why our truncated view of salvation leads to poor evangelism

Salvation is both a destination and a journey. It is both instantaneous and ongoing. Yet, many Christians only see it as the former. To be clear, we’re saved by grace through faith. You are saved the moment you believe. 

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Don’t be cheated – part two

While Christianity has a philosophy, or worldview, it’s not about a philosophy. It’s not about intellectual principles or following rules of nature but about “partaking in the divine nature” (2 Pet.1:4). It’s in this participation where real transformation takes place.

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Christ has received us into HIS life!

“The Gospel is not the news that we can receive Jesus Christ into our lives; the Gospel is the news that Jesus Christ has received us into His life!” (C. Baxter Kruger) Understanding this statement profoundly changes everything…our whole perspective and the very nature … Continue reading

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Why the unexamined life is dangerous

Jesus’ goal in His Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5-7) was to show what’s lurking inside of us so that He can transform us from the inside out. The problem is, we normally don’t like anyone looking under our hood, … Continue reading

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The elusive nature of behavior modification

I’ve always found it interesting that Jesus only got angry with people who behaved themselves. Of course, these were the scribes and Pharisees in His day. He never got angry with those who were considered despicable sinners. Actually, He befriended them, hung out with … Continue reading

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The longevity of love

Maureen and I will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary this weekend. Yay! Because of that, and because I’m occupied with the final push on launching my book, I won’t be posting a lot in the next several days. Once my book is … Continue reading

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The Decorator is here!

Our transformation is not about our education or what we stop doing; it’s about discovery. It’s discovering who we already are in Christ through an ongoing cooperative process with the One who lives in us. The problem we have with … Continue reading

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