Democracy and other slogan manipulations

Why do Socialists love using the word “democracy” so much? After all, there has never been anything “democratic” about actual Socialist regimes in history. Even today, all you have to do is look at Cuba and Venezuela to see what’s it’s done to these formerly free and prosperous countries. In practice, socialism and democracy are mutually exclusive terms. Continue reading

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The nature of spiritual blindness

What I find so interesting about Jesus’ teaching style is that He taught only in parables to the crowds. Even His most important messages were shrouded in mystery to the disinterested. He only explained them to those whose hearts were open. When it comes things that matter most, the condition of our heart is more important than our intelligence. Continue reading

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From Hegel to Cultural Marxism

I came across the following short video that gives a brief history of cultural Marxism (also known as neo-Marxism). I covered Hegel’s influence in “Uncovering the Wokish Beast,” so I thought this would be a good supplemental post. It’s especially helpful if you want a basic understanding of what’s going on today with all the Critical Theories and other forms of “wokeness.” Continue reading

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Meet the man who taught us to hate America

If our young people have a generally negative view of America, we can probably put much of the blame on popular textbooks like Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States,” published in 1980. This textbook has since become the standard source by which Americans learn about their history. But is it an good source? Continue reading

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The fruit defines the tree

As I’ve said many times here, our heart is the gatekeeper to everything. I don’t think I can overstate the importance of knowing this truth. What we allow to gain access to our affections will eventually determine what kind of person we will become. What we allow in will come out under the right circumstances. Our strength of character is an inside job, not an outside one. Continue reading

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The Fallacy of White Privilege

It’s time to expose a pervasive fallacy of the virtue-signaling left known as white privilege. White privilege is another offshoot of identity politics that we get from the neo-Marxist activists who make everything about race, sex, and gender. According to the dictionary, White Privilege is the unearned, mostly unacknowledged social advantage white people have over other racial groups simply because they are white. While no one argues that white people have had an unfair advantage in America in our history, but is it still true today? Continue reading

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Pulling back the curtain on Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has come to the forefront in recent months as this neo-Marxist ideology has gone from the college campuses into the mainstream. Parents are starting to push back against its invasion into school curriculums across the land while the MSM and Big Tech makes every effort to gaslight us about its dangers. Continue reading

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Compassion more than all our doing

Jesus tell us that showing compassion trumps all our sacrifice. That’s an amazing statement when you think about it. It actually turns religion on its head, for religious ritual is all about sacrifice and self-denial. But Jesus’ way is the way of other-centered love, which may include sacrifice to show compassion but never to gain status with God, or with others through our religious virtue signaling. Continue reading

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The antidote to crazy

What does one do when the world around you seems to have gone insane? Contemplating it can make us feel hopeless. Some of my Christian brothers and sisters may just shrug and say it’s just proof that Jesus is coming back soon. That may be so, but I should remind you that Jesus already came back…for you. In fact, He’s living inside of you right now. Continue reading

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Repressive Tolerance: decoding the hypocrisy of the radical left

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been shocked by the brazen hypocrisy of the radical left and their anti-free-speech policies. MSM and Big Tech ignore the endless violence by Antifa and BLM while demonizing or canceling anything done by the right and even unw0ke liberals, labeling them an existential threat to democracy. As it turns out, those who control this narrative are following the playbook of one man—Herbert Marcuse. Continue reading

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