Removing the veil

The “veil” is our vain imaginations that keep us separated from God. It blinds us from seeing Him and seeing ourselves rightly in Him. It’s the religious construct we’ve invented that keeps us on its hamster wheel, trying to attain something we’ve already been freely given. It’s eating from the same Tree that Adam and Eve ate from. I talked about this veil last time. Today, I want to look at how we can begin the process of removing it. Again, here’s Paul’s encouragement to us in that regard: Continue reading

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The heart and the veil

I’ve shared many times before that our heart is the gate keeper to all revelation from God. Spiritual truth is heart language, not head language. When our heart is open, we grow in understanding and are able to walk in the promises of God. It’s with the heart that one believes; our mind can only say “amen” (see Rom.10:10). Conversely, when our heart is closed, we become blind and stay stuck in the past. Continue reading

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Qualifications for ministry

Our educational system may qualify us for a lot of things in this world but it cannot qualify us for ministry under the New Covenant. Only God can qualify us for this ministry, for it works through His empowering presence. As I said last time, this kind of knowledge is experiential, it comes from a very different source than what we can receive from human institutions of learning.

As I mentioned last time, formal education is helpful. It helps us think logically and in a disciplined manner. That’s all good for a lot of things. It just doesn’t qualify us to preach the Gospel, even though most of us in the West seem to think it does. Continue reading

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Experiential knowing is believing

Experiential knowledge is much better than second-hand knowledge. A person who has life experience in a particular job skill has much better knowledge and confidence than someone who only went to school. I’ve already talked about how apologists often use historical evidence and other arguments for Christ, but it’s experiencing His love and kindness that produces the strongest faith. Continue reading

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Glorious change is here to stay!

I watched this video clip from Justin Paul Abraham last week and was greatly encouraged by his prophetic insights. One thing the Covid-19 pandemic has changed forever is our “normal.” And this is not a bad thing. God will often use these times of turmoil and crisis to move His plan forward. Continue reading

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How to walk in Kingdom realities

How do we walk in Kingdom realities? Pray harder? Study the Bible more? Worship more? Live in a state of revival? All these things are important tools but God’s Kingdom realities come through one way—by remaining in His love. As I said last time, love is all that will remain in the end of all things. This is the ultimate reality because it’s the Kingdom reality.

If you’ve been here for awhile, you know my life verse(s) is John 15:9-12. This is because it’s where I draw my life in Christ from. As my friend, Mark Hendrickson would say, this is my “entrance ramp” onto God’s Kingdom highway. Let’s look at this more closely. Continue reading

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Love is all that will remain

Our learning how to be loved by God and loving others with His love is the only thing we’ll ever do that will last in the end. All our other life pursuits will ultimately be found to be insignificant by comparison. This is the implication that Paul makes at the end of chapter 13 of his first letter to the Corinthians. You may think other things are as important. I did for most of my life, too…but I was wrong. Continue reading

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