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Jesus Christ: Savior of the world – Part Two

We’re continuing where we left off last time in my series and still tackling the first question, “What does the Bible mean by “world?” If you haven’t read part one, I suggest you do so before continuing here.

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Why you should see The Shack

My wife and I went to see The Shack  last Saturday. No spoilers here if you read the book, but I will say that if you loved the book you’ll love the movie. On the other hand, if you’ve already … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know in ten minutes

What if you only had ten minutes to show a group of people on a remote island everything they needed to know in order to grow into a vibrant Christian community, and you could only give them four Bible verses (they have no Bibles)? What would … Continue reading

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By the way, God is not a man…

A movie based on William Paul Young’s best-selling book, The Shack, is finally coming out this March 3rd! I am very excited to see this for many reasons. This post is inspired by Cindy Powell’s post, “Hollywood, please get this one right.” I join … Continue reading

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Logos: the structuring Reality of everything

The Bible text is not the Word of God; Jesus Christ is the Word of God. I’m not being provocative here to demote the Bible in your mind; I’m saying this to hopefully elevate your view of Jesus Christ over the Bible text … Continue reading

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Immanuel, mystery, and the trajectory of glory

One thing we cannot afford to do is read the Bible as if Jesus never happened. This is especially true with the Old Testament. When we read the Bible indiscriminately, not interpreting it through the lens of Jesus Christ, we end up … Continue reading

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Letting the Bible study you – Part one

I realized I’ve talked a lot about letting the Bible study us instead of studying the Bible over the years, but I haven’t talked about how I do this. I will use this short series to do just that! Today’s post will lay … Continue reading

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