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N.T. Wright on Christus Victor and Penal Substitution theories

If’ you’ve read my posts about the atonement you know that I ‘ve been rather hard on the popular Penal Substitution theory of atonement. While I believe large parts of it are harmful to our understanding of God as a Father and it misses … Continue reading

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A faithful discussion on the atonement

Here’s another interesting video interview for a followup to my post, “On atonement theories and the nature of God.” This discussion is between two pastoral leaders in the UK, Steve Chalke and Andrew Wilson, that shows how serious followers of … Continue reading

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On atonement theories and the nature of God

I was in an interesting conversation over at Insanitybytes22’s blog with her post, “A Wrinkle in Time….” The subject was about the atonement. You might be surprised to hear this if you’ve only heard one version of the atonement but, … Continue reading

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Evangelical Arianism

I’ve added this video as a supplement to my last post because who we say Christ is, and understanding our union with Him, is critically important to understanding the good news that brings great joy. A lot of people don’t … Continue reading

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Another perspective on The Shack

Instead of posting a song this Sunday, I would like to post a recent video from John Crowder where he responds to people who wanted his perspective on the movie The Shack. I include this because of our recent discussion on … Continue reading

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Why the Incarnation matters – part one

Jesus was not born to die; He was born to give life. He wasn’t brought up to be the ultimate temple sacrifice. God doesn’t do human sacrifice; He’s not Molech. God is, and always has been, a good Father. I know what I just said may sound strange … Continue reading

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God said what?! – Part Two

We will be looking at some of the ways Jesus followers have handled the genocidal Canaan conquest passages we looked at last time. But before we do go on, you may be wondering what a blog about the Father’s love has to do with going … Continue reading

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Our Father is not Molech

As Father’s Day approaches, here’s two tales describing very different fathers. But first, I want you to think about what constitutes being a good father. Also remember that parables never give the whole story. They’re simply meant to make a point that we … Continue reading

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Are sinners separated from God? Part three

Where did our ideas of separation from God come from? We will look at the origins of this myth in this installment. Last time, we began looking at my seven objections to this idea of separation that I outlined in part … Continue reading

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Is the Cross about a courtroom trial or a family reunion?

I’ve written about the atonement several times on this blog over the last year, mostly refuting the main points of Penal Substitutionary Atonement (PSA). Whenever I do this, I can feel the suspicious looks some of you give me. Some of you may be wondering … Continue reading

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